Driving in to work this morning listening to the radio as most people do and I heard an ad from the "Advertising Council" (Ad Council), a massively influential not-for-profit organization and leader of PSA (Public Service Announcements) production in the United States. The advertisement is part of a campaign called "think before you speak" - good advice to be sure, and is running on radio and print.

The specific advert I heard was called "Gay". Here is the exact quote1:
"there once was a time when "gay" meant happy. then it meant "homosexual." now people are saying "that's so gay" to mean dumb and stupid. which is pretty insulting to gay people (and we don't mean the "happy" people). 2. so please knock it off. 3. go to [redacted because I don't want to advertise for them].com"
Wow. Talking about a massive partisan agenda. You know what? Feck those gay people who are offended. And feck you Ad Council for this dumb-ass advertisement. There is no "right", Constitutional or otherwise to "not be offended". Talk about hypocritical on a biblical proportion! You are so effing gay. Our language evolves. Word definitions change constantly.

I know a lot of gay people. The good ones have come out of the closet but keep all the rest behind closed doors like they should. The loud-mouthed minority make me and everyone else (including the good gays) sick and tired of their bitching and whining. Stop trying to push your twisted agenda on the rest of the world already. And of course it's about language. What the hell is the difference between "marriage" and "civil union"? The word and nothing more.

"What is your gender" is an improper sentence. "What is your sex" is the correct way to ask it. But no, you people have worked so hard to change (read: bastardize and eff-up) our language before our very eyes, no one even thinks twice about it. And how about the so-called word "aint" - it was never a word until the Webster's dictionary decided to throw it in there because it is used so much.

Even "common" statements are bastardized. Take this for example: "if you think this, then you have another thing coming!" Umm, another what, idiot? The proper phrase is "if you think this, you have another think coming" - meaning your mind will be forcibly changed in a flat hurry. All you liberal, politically correct bastards have been trying so hard to eff-up our language that's it's starting to get out of your control.

If you have a problem with "that's so gay" as a statement and it "offends" gay people (not the happy ones" as you say,) then calling a homosexual person "gay" is an offense to gay people (the happy ones!)

What? You want to have your cake and eat it, too?

That is so effing gay.


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