For those of you who actually do visit this blog on a regular basis, you may have noticed in the left rail that little area titled "About the Scribblers" and how Quaintly's name just mysteriously appeared there one day, even though she is completely missing-in-action with regard to any reader-facing aspect of this blog and, I can assure you, she has nothing to do with or helps in any way with anything on the back-end and so, she is just a loafer and freeloader here.
Perhaps that will nudge her to finally write something! Quaintly is not so much as shy as she is thoughtful of what to actually write here (being that she is contributing and it's not officially her bog). I keep telling her: hey, write whatever the hell you want - yes, even {/me shivers} about SL Fashion.
In fact, consider this the place were you can be hugely opinionated and say what you really think about things. But, twisting of arms kidding aside, there really is no pressure to "force" Quaintly to post anything. I invited her here so that she can post if she wants to and for no other reason.
{Yes, I had to find a good, yummy pirate picture of Quaintly. Now to force-feed her something, anything to get some meat onto them skeleton bones!}
With that said...

Consider this also an invitation to you: doesn't matter if you are a blogger or have never blogged a word in your life. If you want a wall where you can let your perspectives known, feel free to contact me. I'll add you to this blog as a contributer and no, there are no required minimum number of posts or anything else like that.
Just saying that if you've even thought about blogging and just weren't sure about it - give it a go. If you want on-board Socially Mundane, the requirements are pretty straight-forward and simple:
  • Need a Google account. This blog is hosted by Google Blogger.
    Google accounts are free so there is no money involved.
  • I don't want your first life information. I don't care. In-fact, I would even prefer that in your Google profile, you go by your Second Life name, but that's really up to you.
  • Yes, you can blog about other stuff, not only SL-related.
  • No there is no required number of posts in any time-period.
  • No there is no limit on word-count and all that stuff.
  • No, there are no deadlines or cut-offs.
  • Yes, you must at least keep the content "PG-13" at worst.
So there you go.
I'm not looking for any particular anything. Just anyone who wants to have a little fun tossing-up a blog post once in a while and is looking for a place to do it - without the "pressure" of maintaining their own blog, here's an open invitation.

And no, I am not paying for articles, didn't you see where I said there is no money involved? (Though I do buy gifts for my friends all the time!)

To scream at me is to scream at pixietale at gmail dot com. Nyuk, nyuk.