I know, you're probably tired on my rhetoric on tall boats and sailing in SL. This sill likely be my last post on the subject for a while at least. Ironic that on yesterday's post, Anna Tsiolkovsky described literally just what I ran into in my continuing travels. So, her words, my pictures as she describes literally what I experienced myself:
I used to have to cross into the Blake Sea and Nautilus through Kshumay. On one end, the owner erect this giant tree right into the corner and the other side had this hideous grass textured block (as well as having banlines on his parcel).
Oh, ho-ho-ho, you go girl:
Note the tiny shack at the near-left. There is a dinky little bit of water that passes to the left and then behind it. Bad news: that hut is on the very corner of a region. Taking that (the only) path means a kitty-corner region-crossing through a four-corner area. The crash potential was high. (And note the picture-screen wall a bit further in the distance.)
However, I made it. It took some serious maneuvering. Moving westward there was another of these blocked areas...

Oh joy! A wall-screen. Practically blocking the entire passage. So I figure I'd cam-around before proceeding. More to investigate if there is enough room to make it and partly to see what's behind my blocked view. That's when I realize something odd - then went to the requisite rolling of eys...
It turns out that "screen" wasn't a just a screen. It was a box. As my camera moved nly slightly to the right another screened wall appeared suddenly - almost startlingly. It turns-out the owner is at least trying to be courteous to his neighbors by putting a transparent texture on the outside so the whole area isn't entirely ruined. Also, the owner is wise as these screens are all made phantom so they are easy to pass through.
However, as referenced above, one cannot see where they are going if traveling by water means. But I decide to give it a go anyway. Then, I can't figure-out why my ship stops dead-cold just as I get around that screen. I didn't even get a "we've grounded captain!" or a "we've collided, captain!" message.
The ship is rather long (just shy of 25-meters) and the piloting is done from the stern. So - sighing - I stand-up, detach the ship details and sails, delete the boat-proper and hit the fly button to get a closer look to see what's going on...
The good thing is that the current Snowglobe viewer automatically removes all BAN LINES from snapshots! Hurray, Lindens! The bad news is that ban lines exist at all. What you don't see in the picture above is that I am literally bumping against a parcel ban-line on my right side.
Sailing excursion: fail.
So I pack-up my gear and decide I will not contribute to the economy of this particular shoreline as the natives are obviously hostile toward visitors and prefer to keep to themselves. I'll make my way back to the Blake Sea, Antiquity and Jabberwock archipelagos and maintain my business closer to home in the friendly and open Neobelow vicinity where we welcome with open arms all visitors, strangers and friends alike.