True story.

Scenario: you discover Second Life, sign-up. The newbie experience is exhilarating and you discover things, explore, observe. Within a month or so you learn to build.

So you build.


Like most creators, you build for yourself. To sell your creations hasn't even really crossed your mind, maybe later. It's exiting if someone notices your creations, you give away copies freely to thank them for the compliment and besides, it feels good that someone is impressed enough with your creation that they'll actually tell you about it.

Then there are those hysterical idiots who really do not have a life (first or second) and have nothing better to do than scour the grid, inspecting every object and person they see and come across - because they are the paranoid and vitriolic copybot nazi'esque soldiers.

One of them "inspects" you.
She discovers that your shoes carry the creator name of -gasp!- you!
She plasters the vigilante nazi'esque hysteria group with this news:
"One month newbie waering shoes that shows THEM as the creator! COPYBOT ALERT!!!!"
An angry storm like a swarm of bees-scorned ensues throughout the group. In the ridiculous hearsay the words spread like a California wildfire, consuming all hysterically paranoid idiots across the grid in a wave akin of the final, terrible Biblical Egyptian plague known as the night of Passover - except you are the "first-born".

Suddenly you are banned here and there and that place way over there. The view on the map looks like someone sprinkling pepper all over it as each dark spot is a new banning of you.

All because you have decided to create something for your self and - gasp- actually wear it in public.

How dare you!

Fortunately I'm in the home furnishing business. That can't possibly be classified as fashion as we all know the hysteria and paranoia in the SL (and FL) fashion industries is constantly on the verge of the end-of-the-world mindsets.

You dear friend have been "fashionista'd". Unfortunately, that hysterical paranoia idiocy exists in more or less all other prim or texture-based creation industries as well. Just not as rampantly as the dreaded fashionista camps.

Good thing most reasonably minded people look upon those nazi'esque wackos as...well, wackos.

Unfortunately, mental help is only useful when they recognize they really do need mental help. But it means they'd have to actually get a life, even a "Second" one.