[UPDATE: Confirmed. I have now authorized my 6th computer through iTunes, and an additional iPod Touch. I am now at six computers, and three "mobile devices"]

I've yet to see any mention of it anywhere. In short: Apple announced their "iCloud" product yesterday and the media from Reuters to Macworld to Ars Technica to The Next Web and everyone else who are supposed to be industry pundits and "experts" were just urinating themselves in excitement, all trying to get the word out first and their live-blogging and whatnot. It's about hits on the shitty Flash Adverts on their web pages, you see.

In all their coverage it seems they missed the one real question (for me, anyway) of how Apple managed to placate the labels to allow the number of music file copies per purchase to double.

Since the beginning of Apple's iTunes, you could copy your purchases onto up to five devices. To do this, you have to "authorize" your device with iTunes. You could authorize a maximum of five devices. The only way to authorize a sixth is to have iTunes "revoke" all five authorizations so you can start over. In this case a "device" is a computer system, to which your mobile "device" must be physically connected to for synching those purchases.