Goofing around on the Second Life web site on Monday and just basically blowing the dust out of the place. You know the routine: ensure contact information is up-to-date, tier amounts set properly and all that stuff. In doing this, I've discovered a couple things. Two are good and one is bad.

The first good thing is that I get to have a full region for free. Even though I'm tiered-up for it, Linden Lab billing isn't sucking a region's worth of cash moolah from my account (and that's good news - that even though you're tiered-higher, LL will only take what you owe. But they aren't taking for this region for some reason). That's all I'll say on it as I will leave it Linden Lab to figure it all out on their own. All I can say is I'm tiered-up for it and doing everything legally and according to all the rules on my end. Almost a shame, really. Because I don't really want that region. But there's that whole "what-if?" scenario. Oh well maybe it can be turned into some disgusting garrish thing to scare all the neighbors away.

The bad thing I discovered through my all-things-SL-related house-cleaning is this: The SL Blogs and the SL web site proper still aren't really speaking to each other. And that leaves a little problem.

Updated my contact information (read: email address linked to my account). Unfortunately, in the Second Life Blogs site (even though it looks like the SL web site, it's a whole different monster) - it still has the old email address for my contact info. And with the default preferences set to "auto-subscribe" you to any thread you create or comment on, that can be a real problem.
I know, just change it, right? Sorry about that, but Linden lab does not trust us enough to allow us to change anything in our "" profiles except our "avatar" picture and signature. Put in a web site address. The rest of it is locked-down.

Attention Linden Lab: please at least unlock the email address field so that we can update that field on an as-needed basis. The problem is that you "sucked" our account info from your user database and so all that information is "frozen"... except for the fields you have "unlocked" that you allow us to change.

Or have the blog system constantly ping the main database you use so that our contact info is updated at the blogs site when we update it at the SL-site proper.

And now to cool good thing...

I already am paying for two and almost a half sims so there's no reason to even bother looking at the land store. Except in the case there's a dinky little 768-square meter parcel on Neobelow that was abandoned. Why it was never thrown up for sale I don;t know. So I went in to look for it on the land store auction-block. Not there.

So I actually put-in a ticket to hopefully prod LL to put that parcel on the block (and even another ticket to update my email address at the blogs site to match my email at the SL site).

But as I was goofing around there, I discovered this:

Yes, okay, this may be really old news and all blogged-about already. So what? It's news to me. I think this is totally cool!

Kudos to Linden Lab for offering this. In fact, no matter what my intention would be with a brand new sim, say to wipe it flat and replicate the horrendous SineWave sim (I know: it's all marketing and I applaud them actually) - I still would choose one of these themed sims.

Partly to see what it looks like, partly because it's already all terraformed (and less work for me if I'll be doing that) and also so I could back-up the total coolness of the theme itself. Bake-in the terrain, download the terrain map. keeps copies of all the builds and prims that come with it.

C'mon, applaud Linden Lab with me. You have to admit this is a great idea just for the coolness and fun-factor all by itself!