I previously ranted on how technology is a replacement for skill. A stupid diatribe over nothing important, but that's what I rant on all the time. Meh.

One of the trickeries of Second Life is in the shopping experience. Unlike first life, price is certainly not an indicating factor with regard to quality or usability or any of the other important decision-making benchmarks. It is painfully frequent when we purchase something and it turns-out to be over-priced garbage, never to see the outside of our inventory folder again as long as we live.

On the flip-side, the Japanese and other Asian natives tend to give much better quality for much less in the way of Linden Dollars (as a rule, there are price-wacked and stunning items in all sectors of the grid) on a consistent basis. My point is that I am often very pleasantly surprised with my purchases from those creators who hail form the Far-East part of the world.

However, once in a while a creator will literally stun you.

Burnman Bedlam has done that. On more than one occasion actually. Burnman has been around the grid even longer than I have. However, a couple years ago he left. Put-up his networked vendor system he was working on as a full-perms purchase and whatever else he had or was working on either still sits in his inventory or chucked off into the asset black-hole of the grid. I don't know.

Imagine my surprise when I was introduced to a new friend (and I allowed this person as one of the very few in my friends list) only to discover much later that this is the same Burnman whom I, as a newbie, felt was a celebrity to me! He showed me his latest project. A small gunboat that sails on the SL wind like the SPD, TSS and other incarnations that are becoming better known on the grid these days.

I took a look via camming around and I thought the primwork was very well done. I told him to let me know when he releases it so I can look into buying one. He offered me the opportunity to help beta-test one, but I ended-up a bit busy outside the grid so I thanked him but declined.


A rather realistic water wake adds a nice touch, but the realistic bow-splash is something I have not seen until now. Note that these pictures are of my customize re-textured version.

I hadn't realized he released his new gunboat and launched his new company "Age of Sale". I spotted the armed dinghy on XSL by accident (see? That "featured listing" thing really does work) - and I wasn't sure if I should be disappointed that he hadn't told me or overly excited that it's here and now ready for purchase. So I didn't bother locating it in-world and went for the XSL sale.

Being familiar with Burnman's previous scripting work I expected a well-satisfied purchase and I already was aware of the primwork on this thing. Then I rezzed it in the water and took a good look.


The "Black Dream" can't be white! So I repainted the primary woodwork to a nice shade of... well, black.

Fleet_011The supplies hold and bell are a truly nice touch, especially for role playing purposes.

In short: I am floored. This is a work of art, hands-down. Not a seam in sight, the texturing is meticulously crafted and though there are a couple of areas where I might have used fewer prims, there aren't many at all. It sails wonderfully and feels like a stallion itching to get out of the gate. It just wants to "go". This makes it a little difficult in tight areas as it can be tricky to actually slow-down, but overall the maneuverability gives me fortitude enough to go against a 16-gun Frigate with it's single cannon (this, like other boats and ships from SPD and TSS and others will take damage and with enough, actually sink.)

You can't actually see it while sailing, but the working compass is one of those little details that scream "build-quality".

And the thoughtfulness in the details is where the quality really shines. A mariner bell the dings that authentic ding when clicked-on, a working anchor, and the bow-storage area with opening doors to reveal period supplies. Even the box of cannon shot next to the gun itself and the ability to carry an additional (to the pilot and gunner) six passengers.

Fleet_012The working lamp flickers on upon click, or when the SL world goes to night.

This is one of those rare purchases I make where I am so impressed that I tell everyone else about it. I genuinely await in eager anticipation to what new vessels "Age of Sale" and Burnman intends to create. No doubt my fleet of period boats will grow just as fast as he can release them.

If you have never actually sailed in SL via the SL wind system (no, not pressing the up-arrow and steering like driving an SL car) - then you simply must try it. And you can, for free. Open my profile in-world, click to the classified tab and teleport to my throne store.

You will land at the dock. There is a teleporter to take you up to the store proper. But also is a sign there that, when clicked, will rezz a sail-able Jangers (centuries-old historic fishing raft) - it holds two people. Jump-on and give SL-wind sailing a try.


Or if you already are familiar or feeling bold enough to just jump-in, you can get this Age of Sale Gunboat at XStreet SL at a price far fairer than lesser-quality boats available for sale in SL. And even if you just let it sit at some dock in front of your SL home, it'll be a head-turner by just lookin' damned good.