Who and what the hell is "Kiva"? Who cares? Linden Lab is using their captive audience to push their irrelevant agenda. And I'm not so sure I agree with it. Well, in fact I know I don't agree with it. From what I can tell, Kiva appears to be a match-making service that allows you to subsidize some entrepreneur or something. 3 I'm an entrepreneur, so I beseech all readers to subsidize me. Contact me directly for the address to send your money to.

Audience: by way of having every (legitimate) SL user's email address. Captive: because we must keep a genuine email address on-file as important communications come through there (notices that actually affect your account standing, etcetera.)

However, when Linden Lab (LL) started sending advertisements for XStreet SL - it irked me. But hey, they own it and I can see the point of the effort. However, when they start spamming me with bullshit about some charity they support that I'm not familiar with and don't remember ever having heard-of it's time to draw the line. Kiva is not affiliated in any way whatsoever with Linden Lab or vice-versa. I know this because there was no announcement of such and the SL knowledge-base (wiki) has no mention of Kiva other than to buy stuff to support them.1

No other announcement regarding partnership or anything else "official". At. All.

For all I know it's a shill for LL. No, I am not accusing Linden Lab of any wrong-doing. But, c'mon! I am accusing Linden Lab of the seriously uncouth and tacky. If they had made a plea for something a little more reputable and meaningful like Make-A-Wish foundation (my own personal favorite), Muscular Distrophy, hell, even the March of Dimes foundation I believe a lot more people would have not only been receptive to it, but even applauded LL for doing it! These are large, world-wide, well-known and vetted charities.

But who the hell is Kiva? Perhaps they also are a large world-wide organization also. The name barely rings a bell - and that may be because of the uncouth email Linden lab sent a few weeks ago.

However, Crap Mariner says it best: 2
"...the Labbies embracing one charity with limited history and investment (a booth in Non Profit Commons), no long-term resident presence, no in-world media impact (Metanomics, etc.) and no extended community in SL whatsoever (Kiva.org) while demanding money from one with a long history and investment (virtual africa [sic]), a beloved active in-world avatar presence, multiple appearances in in-world media, and many volunteers for their kiosks and tier donations." [Source]
I've been to Virtual Africa many times, though it's been a very long time (at least a year). In first life I have been fortunate that I've had the opportunity to literally travel and live in other parts of the world through my Army days including throughout Europe, Korea, Japan and so on. Never been to Kuala Lumpur (Quaintly I'm coming for you and we'll both go kidnap London one of these days) and I've never been to Africa, either, so I've really enjoyed Virtual Africa.

After reading Crap's crap (snickers) I decided to fire-up the Kirsten's Shadow-caster viewer and head-on over for another look-see since it's been so long...
Virtual Africa_001

Virtual Africa_002

Virtual Africa_003

Virtual Africa_004

Virtual Africa_006

Virtual Africa_007

Virtual Africa_009

Virtual Africa_010

Virtual Africa_008

Yes, a wonderful, quiet place to explore alone or with a friend. And low-lag as well. Go visit and throw some money at it if you can. Every L$100 donation helps keep the place alive.  


Virtual Africa_005


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