Did it. Done it. Loved it. LAG: minimal at worst.

How HUDS Hobble:

So, how can you achieve the same result of minimal LAG consistently? Well, that's an industry secret. Muahahaha! Okay, okay, I'll tell. But you have to shush-up about it. Too many people figure this out and we won't have a corner on the market of LAG-free SL experience any more.

For anyone who cares (and I already know, you don't) I've been bouncing around all over the Second Life grid looking for any parcel of land next to a decent body of water where I can rez my tall ship so I can go sight-seeing from the water.


Hades' Strumpet spanks an unsuspecting Privateer.

If you've driven around in a car, plane, or just flying around the grid (dragon avatar or not, heheheh) - you know very well the chances of crossing sim borders is incredibly high. If you think crossing sim borders can become frustrating while walking, you should try it while sailing (not "driving" like an SL car, but "real" sailing where you are at the mercy of the SL wind.)

Since I actually understand that 80% of all LAG in SL is actually at my end and not Linden Lab's end, I work to do whatever I can to minimize as much LAG as possible, LAG of course being the umbrella term we all use to describe moving through mud anywhere on the grid. LAG is massively frustrating, disorienting and downright annoying when we try to cross sim borders and it takes forever, sometimes (often for some people) even disconnecting us from the world... a forced relog if you will.

The answer to your woes is simple: de-script yourself.

And for all you attachment creators who sell your crap as no-modify and include "modify scripts" - damned you to SL hell, I hope you die. You are a major part of the LAG problem a lot of people suffer through.

De-scripting yourself cuts-down on LAG enormously. No, I am not saying you de-scripting yourself will make it better for everyone else around you all the time. But it will make it better for you. And everyone else around who can see you when you cross sim borders.

Part of de-scripting yourself is removing unnecessary HUDs. Yes, really! That Mystitool, Wishmaster, Vista AO, Bonehead's Free Radar, OOC Textiness Garbage, and whatever else you are wearing for HUDs is actually killing your SL experience.

Try this:

Go to Exchange Island [SLURL] as it is public access and has three other sims attached. Wait for the place to rez completely (don't move around). Wear everything you "usually" wear, especially your HUDs. Press CTRL-R to go into "running" mode. Now, start from at least 20-meters from one of the sim borders and run across that border to go into the other sim. Do not let-go of the forward button - keep it pressed, keep running until you finally "pop-in" to the other side.

Take note of how long it takes before you finally "pop-in," and where you have ended-up. Now, repeat: run back to the same place you started from. Did it take longer? Shorter?

Now do this: Remove all scripted items from your avatar, especially all HUDs - absolutely nothing is attached. Count to 30 slowly - give the sim a few seconds to catch-up to you - to be sure it knows you are not wearing any scripts. Now, repeat the exact same process, running over the same border in the same direction.

Now run back to where you started.

How did that border crossing go?

An animation overrider should be fine. But that Magic HUD, Radar HUD, Mystitool (and other likewise) HUD should really only be worn when you need them. Keeping yourself as 'clean' as possible (where scripts are concerned) will limit any LAG you experience to the natural hiccups caused by your computer trying to draw bazillions of facets in those "prim-heavy" locations, or all those other avatars in crowded spaces, or the massive texture downloads in those malls because most merchants couldn't make a proper vendor texture to save their lives and so on.


The map above shows the non-stop, no-crash journey of the Hades' Strumpet from the Victorian-themed sims (St Barts) all the way through to the location of my store in Neobelow. More than 100 sims. The only scripts I wore were the "sails" script on my boat, the scripts in the boat itself and my AO. Each and every single sim-crossing took about 0.5 seconds. The laggier ones took about 1 full second (I know: ZOMG-shock!). Even in the middle of the prim-heavy mainland area I traveled through on my way home.

So, LAG got you down? Take-off those HUDs and kill any creators who sold you "modify-scripted no-modify" attachments. They are biachtards2 one and all!

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More information about LAG and what causes it: http://analutetia.com/2009/06/22/anatomy-of-lag/ 
2. Biachtard [bee-ah-ch-tard], (noun): neutral gender insult; A "slam" on anyone you without reference to sex.