cooliris.comJust like "hammock pricing", your point-of-sale (POS) optimization is integral to making it easy as possible for anyone to give you their money.

A quick recap: on XStreet SL (XSL) you'll want to provide as much information as possible: highly detailed description - leave nothing out - and include the full instructional (how to use it) notecards. If it involves animations or effects - post YouTube movies and link to them - even if you must hire someone to make the machinima for you.

Rezzing time is a problem as most shoppers are hunters and are impatient. You must optimize your POS as much as possible with low-resolution textures - face your booth to the West so TPers will face your booth when they land (we face east after teleporting) causing your textures to start rezzing first.

Use one-prim sales boxes rather than vendors. It rezzes a bit longer, but it's faster for the potential buyer to browse everything at once. As to showrooms, it's important you layout your floor space to minimize rezzing time and make it easy as possible for me to give you my money.

Vendors or boxes: make them large. Huge, in fact, so I can clearly see them, even read them from 20 or 30 meters away. Place them low to the floor, so I don't have to adjust my camera to see them properly. If I can walk right up to it and see it large in full - it's perfect! It should fill my screen, yet not require me to adjust my camera.

Wherever the landing point is at your showroom - make sure nothing blocks the path to your boxes or vendors - nothing! I don't want to wait for prims on the floor to rez, I'll start walking toward the first vendor I see. If something "invisible" that hasn't rezzed yet is blocking me from getting to it (a door, wall, display box, sign, etc.) - I will become frustrated. You begin losing points in my shopping experience scorecard. Don't do this to me.

Put up simple dividing walls to create open, yet slightly confined sections for each genre of your products. Bed rooms in this space, Living rooms in that and kitchens over there. Arrange it all so I can only see one or two sections at a time. This speeds rezzing for me as only what I need to see will be rezzed first. Then as I peruse your unbelievably awesome wares, the other sections will begin rezzing as I come close to them, ready to be ogled as well when I get there.

It is a simple matter of controlling the rezzing process for me - you have that control by how your showroom is arranged. I, on the other hand have no choice but to drink-in as you force-feed me your rezzing textures in the method you dish it out: either is a nice, smooth trickle or with the download pressure of a fire-hose.

Oh, and I am a hunter.
I am impatient.
I want it now.

I might not wait for that fire-hose to stop force-feeding me.


Want the whole kaboodle? There is far more detail in the 'how' and 'why' in my book: Successful Business in Second Life (SBSL - Second Edition for 2009/10; 270-pages) is available at XStreet SL. The book includes both, an in-world and eReader version. There also is an  Amazon Kindle version, (you receive both: ereader and in-world versions no matter where you purchase it.)

Now... about your customer care - make it genuine, will you?