Peering at the agni grid map, one can see that practically every continent built by the Lindens is more or less complete. And more specifically, where there are seas and oceans and lakes, they are more or less whole. Except that "whole" is swapped for "hole" in the sea into which I sail from my home in Neobelow. No matter, I just sail around it, making through a very tight opening to the south or loop under the world-hole in the middle of the ocean toward the east to make my way to the Blake Sea.

It's not even annoying. But it is a...curiosity.

Recently Michael Linden posted to the SL blog1 that there are some new sims added to the Linden Seas, where he said in part:
"They feature lots of open water, an island with a mysterious skeleton, and lots of underwater content for the swimmers and mer-folk. There are two rez zones, both in Ahab's Haunt (look for the docks); and no doubt some racing marks and start lines will appear soon."

I thought hey cool! New stuff to explore. The problem is I get so darned busy lately when I go in-world I keep forgetting about it. Yesterday I spotted a blog post by Peter Stindberg2 over at his "Second Stindberg" blog where he marvels at a 2500-prim skeleton that was built by Linden Lab, via Department of Public Works Moles, which gave him a nice segue with regard to megaprims, etc.
"The skeleton was built by "moles" - content creators contracted by Linden Lab. It is a safe assumption that the moles know what megaprims are, and how to use them. At the same time finding a Linden build (or Linden contracted build) that uses megaprims is like searching a needle in a haystack."
Sometimes I can be rather slow and just not put 2+2 together and the epiphany strikes far after the fact. So I finally managed to take some time for myself a couple mornings ago and I followed my usual 4 A.M. routine, starting out in my home region of Neobelow and popping open the map looking to see if there are any parcels for sale there...yet...again.

Something didn't look right... it turns-out that world hole in the middle of my sea (yes, I lay claim to it as I seem to be the only one ever sailing it) was filled-in. And in the middle of the previous hole was a fresh sim with a bizarre shape on it. I decided to investigate what I shortly later learned what is called the Leviathan Skeleton. It appeared to be some private build, but since when does Linden Lab allow private regions to connect to, much less be plopped into the middle of mainland regions?

Upon inspection I discovered what is a wonderful build!

Beautiful. And, it fills-in that gaping hole in the sea so now there are no virtual Maelstroms to avoid! I then spotted something in the distance and found Michael's abandoned, floundering hulk that uses the same bobbing motion as the giant crane platform to the far south inlet from the Blake Sea.

Oh and thank-gawd they have made the ends of each of the two docks on the island to be rezz-points, which allows me to get off and on my boat without having to delete it first and re-rez a new one when ready to get under way again, a major complaint I have about many of the islands in the Blake Sea area. But I no longer care about those and the shiniest, newest desert island is within five-minutes sailing from my home marina!

Though I think the "bobbing" script might need a little tweaking as about every three-minutes or so the "Mighty Fitz"3 seems to be weathering an invisible hurricane-sized wave. Have a look at what I mean:

So, only this morning did it occur to me that all these previous 'references' were referencing the same thing - and it is in my own front yard:

The blue star is my home in Neobelow. The two paths are how I used to sail off on my way to the Blake Sea. The yellow area is where the gaping vortex was and now is filled-in with these new "Big Fish" sims and allowing me to now take the white path toward the Blake Sea, bringing me right past the Leviathan Skeleton island, which I know claim as is my right as a Buccaneer of the area, as mine and all mine.

So I simply wish to express a "Thank you very much Linden Lab, way-to-go Department of Public Works, you rock!"

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  3. S.S. Edmond Fitzerald. On November 10, 1975, while traveling on Lake Superior during a gale, the Fitzgerald sank suddenly in Canadian waters approximately 17 miles (15 nmi; 27 km) from the entrance of Whitefish Bay at a depth of 530 feet (160 m). Although she had reported having some difficulties prior to the accident, the Fitzgerald sank without sending any distress signals. Her crew of 29 perished in the sinking with no bodies being recovered. When found, it was discovered that the Fitzgerald had broken in two.