Arabella's Ramblings unleashes the news (for me, anyway):

An exciting new development has been released in the seemingly never ending battle that so many creators endure – theft, ripping, texture stealing, content theft – it has many names.

I agree, it is exciting news. And the copybotgrieferidiots are running around soiling their pants over it all, especially over at SL Universe forums (so I'm told - which makes sense as that is a drama-cesspool of the most high.)

The blow being dealt: in-short the "CDS" or "Client Detection System" - which is a scripted object planted on your parcel, that through a complex system of detection, scrutinizing, analyzing and otherwise complete vetting of the viewer client all visitors are using when entering your privately-owned parcel will eject and outright ban them if it turns-out that client viewer is among those known to be used for illicit purposes.

Of course everywhere this CDS system is spoken about, such as SL Universe Forums, Alphaville Herald and likely the other paranoid, rumor-control cesspools and decent blogs alike... the feedback comments are rarely indifferent. Most are rather panicky and "offended".

It's a laugh, really. The main themes follow a few basic points:

  • "It will detect legitimate viewers and ban innocents"
  • "Even if I use an illegitimate viewer, it's the copybotting activity that is wrong, not the viewer itself - I just use it to test or (insert innocent reason here).
  • "It doesn't work, I've been in and out of this or that sim already!"
  • "It restricts my freedom from visiting many places across the grid! It isn't fair that I must travel in fear of being banned from the next place I visit!"

Okay fair enough. And my simple answers to these are:

  • It is only 80% effective specifically so it won't "detect legitimate viewers". It errs on the safe side. Only known viewers with explicitly illicit design will be detected. If there is a doubt, you get a free pass. This time.
  • Perhaps you are a nice angelic person who would never copybot anything of mine, oh perish that horrible thought! Unfortunately, it's the other idiots using the same viewer I am fighting against. Sorry to lump you in with them. Perhaps you should use a "legitimate" and "approved" viewer?" Oh, and only a fool would "test" these viewers anywhere else beyond their own private property.
  • If it doesn't work because it is fearware, then I presume the creator of the device is running around from parcel to parcel anonymously sending the "Ejected and banned for illicit viewer" messages to the owners of this system?
  • Your freedom is not restricted. You may go anywhere you want on the entire grid, including my places. Except, when you come to my place, it will be on my terms. And my terms are simple: no illicit viewers.

My reply to Arabella's post is as follows:

I don’t know Skills personally. But I have had the opportunity to speak with her on occasion here and there and I respect that she is definitely a potent coder and developer. The moment this thing was released and in seeing that it is authored by Skills, I jumped on it immediately – a copy for each of all of my places.

The nay-sayers are all abuzz: “oh but it might ban innocents!” Ummm, I don’t think so. “It doesn’t work! LULZ!!!” Well, even only 80% effective is better than zero-percent effective the way I see it.

Then there’s the “It’s just fearware – doesn't work at all!” – okay, then who ejected those people from my places and sent me the IMs claiming to be the CDS system?

I understand Linden Lab’s position on how it is not the gun that kills someone, it is the person pulling the trigger. And I agree with that. As for all the whiners in fear of this system proclaiming how it’s not fair and how I am restricting their ability to travel the grid in freedom and all that? Well, on *my* land *I* get to say who comes and goes, stays or gets banned.

And my only criteria for it is simply whether this CDS system allows you in or not. For those of you who say you are experimenting with the illicit viewer: go ahead. But do it on your own land...
*not mine*.

link: Arabella's Amblings
link: CDS System at XSL

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