As is typical with all blog posts by Linden Lab, the hysterical doom-and-gloom whiners come out of the woodwork. People who profess about how much real money they pay to Linden Lab each month, how much virtual land they own and how Linden Lab's new project will "kill" their business.

I say "and you call yourself a business person?"

Any good business person will look at what's going-on and adapt to any market changes. Especially when there is a lot of lead time. As for the Linden Home project, we've had a heads-up for a couple months already. Unlike all the doom-and-gloomers, there are creators and other real "business" people who are moving quickly to adapt and turn the "doom-and-gloom" into real opportunity.

And we have done this at Zodiac House:

Ever move into a new house or apartment and before any of the furniture is moved-in and arranged you notice that strange echo? However, once you throw down a few rugs and plop the sofa and bed into place and all the rest, that cozy feeling settles-in.

One of the "complaints" about Linden Homes is that you...

"...can't do anything with only 117 prims! It's ridiculous!"

Umm, yeah. Then you are lazy-minded with a simple education and zero creativity.

This evening, Zodiac House releases the "Linden Home Edition Full House" furniture sets. The above picture shows one of the A-Frame Linden Homes with four rooms worth of furniture: Living room, Bed room, Bath room and Kitchen. All with appropriate poses and the bed is even menu-driven.

L$800 for the whole set and only about 100 prims.

We are releasing the first four sets today, with new sets based on different themes (including the Asian and Fantasy themes) and a variety of each over the next few weeks.

So, step-up to a premium account, get that L$1000 bonus, for L$800 you can deck-out your shiny new place in full so there's no echo and have some Linden Dollars and prims left-over.

Come visit Zodiac House this evening to take a look-see for yourself.

Watch the market, stay apprised of what's coming, adapt to turn potential pitfalls in the market into opportunity. It's just good business sense to do so.

©2007-Present, Andr'Deco & Pixietale Studios, DBA Socially Mundane; Common Sensible

©2007-Present, Andr'Deco & Pixietale Studios, DBA Socially Mundane; Common Sensible

©2007-Present, Andr'Deco & Pixietale Studios, DBA Socially Mundane; Common Sensible