So I finally grabbed the beta version of the official Linden Lab Second Life viewer 2.2x. I read through the release notes and decided to give it a go. There are still a couple of outstanding bugs, but they are minor (for example: mouse-hovering over anyone then the green "i" and clicking does not bring-up the context menu. But right-clicking still works).

Rezzing seems much, much faster. Does V2 beta 2.2 include Snowglobe code? I don;t know, but it really does feel like it. Also, a few additional long-awaited features, such as "double-click to teleport" (turned on in the debug menu). This was the single one and only feature of Emerald I missed when I dumped that viewer in Januray 2009. Then I found it in Imprudence and always happy for it. Now that it is in the Official viewer, I will use Imprudence even less.

The simple fact is: no matter what the crybabies whine about: Viewer 2 is a good viewer. Who the hell are they who complain about it to say what is right and what is wrong? If it doesn't work for you, then don't use it, shut-the-feck-up and move on and leave those of us who do like it enjoy it in peace. But even as Linden Lab tries to placate these "I am greater than thou" crybabies, they will get no reprieve. The crybabies will continue to bitch about how "bad" Viewer 2 is and how it should be burned and Linden Lab nailed to the wall over it.

For example: the whiners try so hard to justify their bitching by proclaiming that side bar takes up too much room and therefore blocks their view of the virtual world. Of course any 5-year-old can figure out how with a single-click, the sidebar disappears entirely, but these crybabies apparently can't figure-out this function even exists, much less how to make it work. No, they proclaim the sidebar should be detachable.

Hurray! You get what you wished for. V2 2.2 beta now has a detachable sidebar. However, when you detach it, it takes up more room than the sidebar proper and is not as easy to "put away". Fortunately Linden Lab has made it very difficult to accidentally detach. But of course the whiners and crybabies will go ahead deriding Linden Lab over something else about the "horrendous-should-be-burned" Viewer 2.

Linden Lab: good work here. Keep on the same track you are on because all the loud-mouth whiners who proclaim Viewer 2 is a piece of shit are all bullshitters who wouldn't dare eat their own dogfood. They bitch about Viewer 2 all day long, but choose to use a third-party-viewer all day long and wouldn't use any of your official viewers no matter how perfect it is. They hate for hate's sakes, so turn a deaf-ear and a blind eye toward those dip-shit hypocrites and just keep on doing what you're doing. After all, if I were to spew the same filth about their chosen viewer then they'd turn on me like a pack of rabid dogs. In short: they all are irrelevant, no matter how authoritative they appear to be or sound in their other blogging diatribe. You bloggers of whom I speak already know who you are.

Viewer 2 Developer team: keep going because it's those of us who actually appreciate it and like what you are doing who are remaining quiet about it so we don't give the same impression of blithering idiots the way all those loud-mouth, greater-than-thou whiners and crybabies do.