I am seriously curious HOW. THE. FUCK. The emerald team got my email address, then have the BALLS to contact me regarding anything Emerald.

YO, PHOX: Suck my balls and if you contact me again off-world you dick head, I'll invoke Washington State AG on your ass for sending unsolicited email. Ummm, yeah, it's been done and a few people are the sorrier for it.

As for all you gullible idiots with an Emerald Viewer withdrawal who go running to the Phoenix or other derivatives? I hope you get your comeuppance with trojans and God only knows what else. Phoenix and Emergence and the rest should be banned from the grid also. And the email shown below just proves it's not only the viewer, but the sinister minds behind it. No god dammed wonder spam email has been on the rise for me. Fortunately it's  a more or less throw-away address.

Emerald Dev team: Do not contact me again.
Linden Lab: Consider this fair warning that this is an example of you falling through on your own ToS enforcement. Therefor, shall we consider the ToS moot and Ill go to town doing what I want whether it fits within ToS or not?

From: "Emerald Viewer Forum" <phox@emeraldviewer.net>
Date: September 20, 2010 6:41:32 PM PDT
To: redacted
Subject: New Emerald Viewer for VWW

Dear Emerald User,

You may have seen our recent blog post concerning our new viewer for the Virtual World Web. (If you haven't, see our blog post about it here http://blog.modularsystems.sl/2010/09/10/new-emerald-viewer-for-vww/ and the Utherverse press release here http://utherverse.net/emerald/ )

We've got a special offer for Emerald users - Utherverse is offering a 7 day VIP trial FREE. You can take advantage of this offer by visiting http://www.utherverse.com/emerald/ and signing up for a tour, or by downloading the Emerald Viewer for VWW and sending an email to worlddev@utherverse.com

Don't miss out on this chance to see what the Virtual World Web can offer.

The Emerald Team